Don't Hit the Road Without a Full Vehicle Liner

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You're driving down a gravel road and rocks are flying at your car. Without a vehicle lining, you could end up with deep, irreparable scratches in the paint. Borderland Spray Foam & Insulation wants to protect your vehicle with a full lining installation. Our team in El Paso, Texas offers full vehicle liners made from polyurea for durable, dependable protection.

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Why should you get a vehicle lining?

Why should you get a vehicle lining?

Full vehicle liners are a great investment, especially if you're hard on your vehicle. Whether you drive a truck or a sedan, getting a vehicle lining will protect your ride.

You should consider a new vehicle lining if...

  • You like to go off-roading
  • You use your car or truck for work
  • You drive on dirt or gravel roads

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